Social dilemma of working from home

What do you miss most about everyone being in the office?


Until we started using ZING, we didn't have an idea of how to do chit-chat on group calls.

Michał Piórkowski, CEO, Visuality

ZING can help your company with remote working

Why and how has ZING helped your company?

ZING's games are great because they are an easy way for people to start off a conversation, get talking to each other and relax.

Michał Piórkowski, CEO, Visuality

The ZING brand

What do you like about the ZING brand?

One thing that neon represents for me is connected to restaurants, cinemas, places that pull people together in one place. It's perfectly in line with the values that ZING has.

Michał Piórkowski, CEO, Visuality

The future of ZING!

ZING are early stage, how would you like us to develop going forward?

Rather than just sit there watching one presentation that could be shared on YouTube, the one thing missing was the groups at the end where we could discuss takeaways. There's many professional use cases. "

Michał Piórkowski, CEO, Visuality

ZING recommendation

What is the one main reason you would recommend ZING to someone?



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"To activate people! It's easy to arrange a group video call for 30 people but to get everyone talking naturally is difficult. So I would recommend using ZING to activate people!".

Michał Piórkowski, CEO, Visuality