Video calling apps like Teams and Zoom are great for meetings. But trying to have effective social interaction on them is very difficult, because they are not designed for it. The awkward silences and horrible feeling of being stared at by lots of people can make us feel even more isolated and disconnected.

ZING's games are great because they are an easy way for people to start off a conversation, get talking to each other and relax.

Michał Piórkowski, CEO, Visuality

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The lie is revealed!

ZING is designed for socialising and having fun. Think about Zoom crossed with HouseParty - calls are private and secure, but they're fun and sociable as well. Fluid groups enable concurrent conversations within the same video call to avoid large call awkwardness. And built-in games like 2 Truths & A Lie and Mafia make video calls fun!

It takes 30 seconds to sign up and create a unique call link. Then simply send it to your attendees and everyone can join the call directly in the web browser from any device - no downloads, plugins or passwords are needed.

ZING is totally private and secure, with no interruptions or unwanted guests, and it's completely free. So sign up and start having fun with your team, friends or family - how you ZING is up to you!

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