Quality Time

ZING is all about turning video time into quality time and helping us bond effectively. Maybe your old college friends live far away, or the fellow students on your remote course are dispersed across the globe, or you can't see your family in person due to Covid-19: whatever your circumstances, ZING is the best way to have a social call.

The intuitive fluid groups let you have natural, concurrent conversations. The built-in games add some fun, with new games being released every month. ZING calls are private - only the people you share the call link with can join it - and accessed through a web browser so no downloads or plugins are needed. And best of all, ZING is free! So next time you're having a group video call, make it a ZING call.

ZING has helped me get to know the other students on my remote masters course in a way that just isn't possible on any other video platform.

Tim Ramsey, Masters Student, Harvard University

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Join the call in one click using a modern web browser on a laptop, tablet or phone - no download required

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