On ZING, video calls work more like natural conversations. Rather than everyone being trapped in one call, on ZING the same event can have any number of different groups. Each group acts like its own video call - you only see and hear the people within it.

Anyone can easily start a new group, move between groups, and send invitations to other people in the event to join a group. The event host also has additional options: they can merge everyone together, randomise the groups and broadcast their own video feed to all groups.

A group of 5 people. In the side-panel, you can see who is in other groups, and choose to join them.


Sending an invitation to someone to start a new group or join your existing group is a piece of cake - simply click on their avatar in the side-panel. They can choose to accept your invitation, or decline it and stay where they are. But if you're that desperate to talk to them, just go and join their group!

You can choose to accept or decline invitations