ZING calls have built-in games, with more being added each month! Designed to help structure conversations, they add a little friendly competition and a lot of fun to video calls.

Race to identify your secret character in Who Am I? (the post-it-note-on-your-forehead game), test how well you know each other in 2 Truths & A Lie and bluff your way through Mafia, the classic deception game!


On ZING, anyone can easily break out of a crowded group to have a smaller conversation. Invite someone to break out with you, join an existing conversation or invite someone into your own - the choice is yours.

We've all felt the awkwardness of being trapped on a large group call. Now it's easy to have more natural-sized conversations and catch up properly.

Host Control

As host, you have powerful features to control the flow of your calls. You can easily create random groups which is a great way to break down a large social call into more manageable-sized conversations.

Need to bring everyone back together again? No problem - it's one click for that as well.

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