Company Culture

ZING is the new video call platform specifically designed to humanise the virtual office and bring groups of colleagues closer together, strengthening company culture and team morale.

Professional video call services like Teams or Zoom are designed for productive business meetings, not social conversations. They fail to provide crucial social aspects of work that allow staff to build meaningful working relationships: chance encounters, chit-chat, team-building activities and social occasions.

Keep using your default video software for meetings - that's what it's for. ZING is for social calls like weekly wind-downs, drop-in lunch hours and team drinks. The fluid groups eliminate the awkward silences felt on large calls, while the in-built games create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. And as host you have total control; you can easily merge everyone together or create random groups, allowing you to run effective larger events like a meet-and-greet for new staff.

Social calls on ZING connect employees to their immediate team and to the wider company, making them feel more valued, energised and motivated.

ZING made our all-company cocktail-making social so much better. We were instructed on how to make the drinks altogether, and then enjoyed them over conversations in smaller groups.

Kate Laughrin, Operations Director, Metapraxis

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Effortless Socials

No more quizzes - ZING's built in games make social calls fun without masses of effort

Team Bonding

Improve team harmony and employees’ sense of belonging, reducing the likelihood of harmful conflicts developing

Improved Wellbeing

Increase employee happiness and reduce anxiety, making staff more productive and much less likely to leave


Good relations with colleagues are the number 1 reason that high performers stay in their jobs.

From this survey of over 1,500 full-time and part-time employee by global HR tech firm Ceridian


Some teams enjoying ZING



Become an Early Adopter

If you are responsible for employee wellness at your company and are interested in becoming one of our early adopters, please fill out the contact form below. Being an early adopter provides you with unlimited use of ZING within your company, a dedicated account manager and the opportunity to shape the product by providing feedback and feature requests. You will also receive a 70% discount when we launch our paid plans.

1. Demo Call

We arrange a ZING call to assess if we can help and you can see how the product works in a live demo.

2. Feedback

You hold pilot ZING calls and provide us with feedback and a brief written or video review.

3. Discount

You continue to enjoy free, unlimited usage until we launch our paid plans, at which point you will receive a 70% discount.