5 Ways To Maximise Motivation When Working From Home

We are sociable creatures, and not being around other people can make us feel anxious and de-motivated. However, with a little creativity it's not too hard to get effective social contact with your team and add some fun into your working routine to maximise your motivation.

1. Separate Work From Play

Separate the professional and social time you spend with your team. Team video calls are important to any team and ensuring project productivity remains high but dedicated social video calls are often overlooked. Create time for non-work related events with your team. Casual chit chat and natural conversations are one of the most missed parts of office life; so try to emulate this when working remotely.

2. Add Some Fun

If you have a fun or creative idea to spice up your week then don't be afraid to suggest it to your team. Some suggestions from ZING are; virtual happy hours, book clubs, ice-breaker games, lunch and learns, one-on-one coffee mornings, fancy dress days, team cook-offs and many more that can allow you to add some fun!

3. Get Active!

Build exercise time into your schedule. Whether you fancy an intense online HIIT workout or Zen Yoga session there are plenty of free apps out there that can guide you through. This will keep you feeling fresh for the rest of the working day and activate the mind and body so you can achieve the best results. Maybe try completing a group online Yoga session with your team to bring you together for a non-work related goal!

4. Stay In Touch

Use technology to enhance communication with your team and stay reachable. On the professional side, using various applications like Asana, Slack and Microsoft Teams are great ways to stay connected with your team and organise workflow.

On the social side, informal group chats are just as important to boost team morale. Casual conversations and checking up on people bring moments of office ‘normality’ to the remote working day.


5. Keep Up Appearances

It is still important to dress the part when you are working remotely. This way you'll feel more confident, especially on video calls. Whether its a work or play video call you'll be better prepared if you look the part.

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