3 Ways to Improve Company Culture Remotely

Maintaining company culture with high levels of remote working can be challenging. Culture is built through people, and having staff in the same place helps to bond through natural conversations.

But with a little creativity and perseverance you can empower your employees to develop strong relations with each other remotely. Here are the our top 3 recommendations for easy and effective ways to go about it.

1. Regular Catch-Ups

Build some regular social time into each day with your team as well as a dedicated weekly catch-up. Just 10 minutes each morning can make a huge difference to energy levels, and replicates the natural chit-chat as people arrive at an office. Ideally, do this on a different video call service to your regular working one to create a distinction.

Thursday or Friday afternoons are best for longer catch-ups, and give staff a great opportunity to wind down towards the end of the working week, relax together and enjoy each others' company. Games are a great way to add some fun!

Simple games like Who Am I? are a great way to add some fun into social calls


2. "Kettle" Calls

Don't underestimate the importance of casual conversations over a cup of tea. They are a chance to get to know people outside of your team, hatch new ideas and serve as a way to revitalise and break up the day. Have an open call each day that your whole company, department or division are encouraged to drop into as and when. To make this work, you need 3 things:

  • Depending on the size of your department or company, encourage some set times like mid-morning coffee breaks or lunch hours so that people are likely to have some company when joining
  • To avoid video awkwardness make sure it's easy for people to break off into smaller conversations with ZING's fluid groups
  • Use a separate video call service to your regular work one to create a distinction between meetings and social catch-ups


3. Internal Networking Events

It's pretty unlikely that you'll all going to be in the office altogether. Monthly networking calls for 40 minutes or so are a great way to allow new employees to get to know their colleagues, and old hands to connect with people outside of their team.

Make sure senior staff are committed to joining the calls, as this is a great incentive for more junior colleagues to grow their network. Randomise the groups at various intervals to ensure people don't just talk to their immediate teams.

These informal workshops are a great way to generate new ideas. After introductions and ice-breakers, people can talk about what they're working on with other people in the company who might have some great ideas or helpful experiences to share.

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